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  • Added ability to pick books up from lecterns
  • Added offhand attack cooldown utility
  • Added wood building block objects for logs, planks, fences, etc.
  • Added single key multimap
  • Added IntArrayWrapperLambdaIntReference, and ZeroValidIntReference for container syncing
  • Fix item cycle in books running faster on machines with higher FPS
  • Dropped support for 1.16.4 and before


* Made PulseManager::isPulseLoaded case insensitive

* Allow PulseManager::isPulseLoaded to check if pulses from other Mantle mods are loaded, instead of just the same mod

* Added static PulseManager::isPulseLoadedGlobal, checks if a pulse is loaded without a PulseManager instance. Can be used by ModuleFileRepository to instantiate without a pulse manager

* ModuleFileRepository sections now support attaching a module dependency to pages instead of just sections

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